Billy Sunday

From the Pastor’s Study   (2/27/2022) At a recent meeting for preachers at Camp CoBeAc, guests were invited to rummage through […]


From the Pastor’s Study  (1/16/22) On December 31, 1999, I, along with millions of others, was watching television early in […]

Trees of Righteousness

From the Pastor’s Study   (12/12/2021) Ashley Baptist Church enjoyed a season of outreach and excitement when it relocated to its […]

Lessons from the Library

From the Pastor’s Study   (11/28/2021) Recently I came across an old newspaper clipping containing a picture of my son at […]

Ernie Harwell

From the Pastor’s Study   (9/12/2021) In 1988, while I was serving in my first ministry as a youth pastor in […]

Independence Day

From the Pastor’s Study   (7/4/2021) When I was a child, I thought it was funny to ask people silly riddles […]


From the Pastor’s Study  (6/20/2021) Although I was very young, I still recall the excitement I felt when I unwrapped […]

Help Wanted

From the Pastor’s Study   (5/16/2021) Right after graduating from college I enrolled in seminary to pursue a master’s degree.  At […]