A Lesson from Baseball

From the Pastor’s Study – 2/18/24 Baseball used to be called the “Great American pastime.”  More than a game or […]

The Birkenhead Drill

From the Pastor’s Study – 1/21/24 “Women and children first” is an expression representing a code of conduct prioritizing the […]

Family Tragedy

From the Pastor’s Study – 12/24/2023 As with most first-person accounts, President Theodore Roosevelt’s autobiography provides unique insight and observations […]


From the Pastor’s Study – 11/11/2023 Although it has been over thirty years since I visited the nation of Israel, […]

A Standing Ovation

From the Pastor’s Study   10/8/23 This week, the career of a baseball legend was celebrated in Detroit as Miguel Cabrera […]

Matthew the publican

From the Pastor’s Study   9/24/23 I believe the Bible is complete, containing all that God knew we needed.  There are […]

Thy Salvation

From the Pastor’s Study   9/17/23 In baseball, often a relief pitcher or a “closer” is brought in to pitch in […]

The Scales of Justice

From the Pastor’s Study   9/10/23 For pure interest, nothing surpasses the narratives of the Bible.  I am tempted to say […]

Family Estrangement

From the Pastor’s Study   7/23/23 Earlier this year, I read a fascinating autobiography of evangelist, pastor, and educator, Ed Nelson.  […]

Eric Liddell

From the Pastor’s Study   (5/14/2023) In 1981, a Hollywood motion picture made a Scottish missionary to China world famous.  However, […]