The Right to Life

From the Pastor’s Study  (1/22/23) So familiar and so profound are the words of the Declaration of Independence identifying the […]

A Call to Prayer

From the Pastor’s Study   (1/8/23) When I was a seminary student, each Monday I would visit a friend’s house when […]

Repentance and Salvation

From the Pastor’s Study  (8/28/22) Several years ago, a couple attended the services of our church, but after a few […]

Funeral Arrangements

From the Pastor’s Study  (7/24/22) I am often asked what I think about cremation as opposed to burial.  A generation […]

Boasting in shame

From the Pastor’s Study – 6/5/22 Among the many books in my library is a very useful commentary on the […]

Dobbs v. Jackson

From the Pastor’s Study – 7/3/22 On June 24th the Supreme Court issued its ruling on the Dobbs v. Jackson […]

Billy Sunday

From the Pastor’s Study   (2/27/2022) At a recent meeting for preachers at Camp CoBeAc, guests were invited to rummage through […]


From the Pastor’s Study  (1/16/22) On December 31, 1999, I, along with millions of others, was watching television early in […]