There is an old joke about a husband and wife who were visiting a cemetery.  As they placed flowers on […]

A Good Idea

Several years ago I attended a breakfast hosted by a large Grand Rapids-based publishing house.  The event targeted local ministers […]


The King James Version, although over 400 years old, is still the most widely read English translation of the Bible. […]

Billy Graham

When Billy Graham’s body lay in state in the capitol rotunda in Washington D.C., he was accorded a high honor […]

He Knows Your Name

During a recent visit to Charleston, South Carolina, my wife and I took a detour off the interstate in order […]

“… and the books.”

My son texted me after flying back to his home after Christmas, “Flying out of Atlanta at night makes you […]

Forgotten Greatness

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt are men not only conspicuous in the pages of American history; their images are carved […]

Wasted Time

Sometimes it is strange the things that make one nostalgic and awaken childhood memories.  A couple of weeks ago David […]

‘Twill Soon Be Past

Last week sad news reached me that an old friend has been told that he has only three or four […]

Remember Rick Monday?

It was the bottom of the fourth inning of a day game at Dodger Stadium, April 25, 1976.  Two protesters […]